Is your digital project lost in the Mojave desert? 

Good thing is -- I know the territory. From complex user tests to compassionate design, here's what we can solve together.

Building a Federated Digital Ecosystem

How do you reduce the burden of content management for a rapidly growing business with a small digital team? Build a multi-site, federated architecture and a unified brand experience across its subsites.

Testing Innovations in Menu Design

When an innovative secondary navigation model leads to years of testing, tweaking, and fascinating data about conceptual modeling, you know you're on to something special. This is where it all began.

Designing for Stress Cases

This multi-phase project consisted of a replatforming in Sitecore, massive experience personalization, two major usability tests and multiple guerilla tests on-site, a fresh taxonomy and the design of over 50 templates. Let's look at the UX Design ethos that motivated the project: compassionate design, or designing for stress cases.

Reverse-Engineering an Information Architecture

What do you do when you receive a beautiful set of designs, but no functional or architectural notes? Our solution involved innovation through componentization.

Growing Conversions with Streamlined Content

Sometimes a content strategy and information architecture can heal two birds with one branch. We did just that with Mid Atlantic Arts, both improving user access to crucial content and generating business conversions.

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