Building a Federated Digital Ecosystem


CHRISTUS Health is a not-for-profit health system with hundreds of facilities in the United States, Central and South America. 

The challenge

CHRISTUS Health had a "good problem" to solve: several years of rapid business growth caused a surge in the organization's digital portfolio. The resulting operational cost of managing dozens of websites for newly acquired healthcare facilities overtaxed the digital team. And a disconnected digital ecosystem meant the loss of link equity and a siloed brand (and user) experience. 

The current digital strategy and content management architecture wasn't cutting it. What to do?

The solution

There are substantial benefits to joining a large health system for prospective patients and employees, including access to a network of over 15,000 physicians and 45,000 staff members. It was crucial that the CHRISTUS Health digital experience better articulated those benefits directly - and rhetorically - with a unified brand experience.

The project included a replatforming in Sitecore, so to help the client manage the dispersed geographical nature of its organization, our solution was to build a multi-site, federated architecture and a unified brand experience across its subsites. 

What's a federated architecture?

A federated architecture is a content management structure that facilitates centralized content publishing. The primary goal of creating a federated architecture for CHRISTUS Health was to provide the organization with a means to implement a centralized or "one-to-many" content publishing model. That is, making an update on one centralized template would change the content across all relevant subsites. Much easier to manage!

One-to-Many Content Publishing

Another content management tactic that we implemented was to make as many of the content fields as dynamic as possible. For example, fields associated with a location on the same template across subsites are dynamically updated according to geographical location. This solution helps to minimize the burden of managing content across dozens of subsites, and standardizes the brand experience for users.

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