Growing Conversions with Streamlined Content

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation is one of seven regional arts organizations in the United States, serving one quarter of the nation's artists with funding opportunities and support.

The challenge

Mid Atlantic Arts commissioned a website redesign project in 2014 to address the business problems created by an outdated digital property. The site's labyrinthine content structure prevented many users from finding information about funding and support services (the organization's core business offering). This problem was exacerbated by the Foundation's diverse audience groups, each with their own content needs. 

The impact of this business problem was widespread. Staff members regularly received calls from confused site users, adding an unnecessary burden to their weekly workload - something that a functioning user experience and site architecture would help preclude.

The solution

Our solution consisted of streamlining content, flattening the site structure and providing clear pathways for the distinct user groups to their relevant content. Following is an example of one of these: user group funneling on the homepage.

User group content funnels on the homepage

Secondary challenge and solution

A secondary strategic challenge emerged as a result of the (now) shallow site architecture: fewer pages meant that the site, and thus the organization, might appear small.

Randomize elements to create an impression of scale

To solve this challenge we introduced complex randomization to create the impression of scale. This is a fun trick that comes from my days studying nonlinear systems. By randomizing two elements on page load the chance of novelty grows (exponentially). It’s a simple way to create an appearance of scale that requires little effort on the part of the content manager. 

See it live at:

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